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29 March 2010

Food That Can Fix (Almost) Anything

When Hippocrates wrote, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” he was probably worrying about the pesky plague epidemic of 430 BC—not thinking about how a handful of almonds might ward off a girl’s pre-period headaches or how green tea might give her thicker, lusher hair. But those things may in fact be true, and scientists are beginning to figure out how food helps the body run smoothly inside and out.

“People absolutely underestimate the importance of nutrition when it comes to appearance,” of: Being Beautiful. The prescription is simple—and mercifully easy to swallow. Read on, dig in, repeat as necessary.

If someone told you there were eight foods that could make you more beautiful and help you feel a lot healthier, you’d want to eat up, right? Consider this your grocery list.