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13 March 2010


Doctors may be over treating patients

A spate of recent reports suggests that many Americans get unnecessary tests and procedures. The reasons

• New blood pressure study • Advances in heart health

10 questions for doctors

1. Scenario: Back Pain and Joint Pain
Question: Besides arthritis or injury, what could be causing my back pain or joint pain?

2. Scenario: Severe Headache
Question: This is the worst headache of my life—could it possibly be an aneurysm?

3. Scenario: Flu
Question: I’m still feeling terrible. Considering my medical history, what else could be wrong with me?

4. Scenario: Breast Cancer
Question: Can I have an ultrasound even through my mammogram was negative?

5. Scenario: Chest Pain
Question: Am I having a heart attack? Let’s not wait—can we please be sure and ‘draw the enzymes’?

6. Scenario: Stroke
Question: Could my mother be having a stroke? What about giving clot-busting drugs right now?

7. Scenario: Childbirth
Question: Which types of doctors are always physically present in my hospital, in care of me and my baby in an emergency?

8. Scenario: Abdominal Pain
Question: Should I have an abdominal CT scan or other tests before going to the OR?

9. Scenario: Child’s Head Trauma
Question: Could a head injury or trauma account for my symptoms?

10. Scenario: Macular Degeneration
Question: Can the new medications I’ve heard about, Lucentis and Avastin, apply to me?

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